What Causes Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is a common dental treatment, carried out in our Derby dental practice and beyond. Find out what it is, what causes it, how to prevent it and more in today’s blog post, brought to you by our experienced dentists.


What a root canal is for


Root canal treatment targets infections found inside the tooth. That’s because all teeth contain a bundle of nerves and blood cells at the centre, called the pulp, which helps the roots to grow during the tooth’s development.


Why a root canal is needed


An infection can take hold when bacteria, which live in the mouth naturally, invade the tooth. They do this through a crack or hole in the tooth, caused by an injury, decay or a problem filling.


Signs of infection in the tooth


Many patients ask us how to spot if an infection has taken hold. The good news is, there are many signs and symptoms, including general toothache; pain when eating or drinking (particularly hot or cold things); pain when biting or chewing; and a loose tooth. If the infection spreads into the root canal system, you may also experience additional symptoms such as swelling, pus, severe pain and even a darker-coloured tooth.


Root canal treatment explained


To treat an infection in the tooth, a root canal aims to remove any bacteria present. Sometimes, the whole tooth must be removed, although our Derby dentists do try to retain your natural teeth if possible. The root canal cleans the inside of the tooth, and then seals the hole with a filling. In some cases, a tooth can have more than one root canal treatment.


How long root canal lasts


Once you’ve had a root canal on a tooth, assuming there is no further decay or any complications, the tooth could survive another 10 years or so.


Root canal recovery


With any dental treatment, it’s important to know what’s involved in healing and recovery. With a root canal, our Derby dentists suggest:


– Caring for teeth with regular flossing and brushing

– Avoiding hard and crunchy foods while healing

– Taking over-the-counter pain relief, as needed


If there are any other concerns, please contact our Derby dentists right away to book an appointment.


Preventing root canal treatment


Of course, like many dental concerns, it’s possible to avoid them. For a root canal, you’ll need to have a good standard of oral care and it’s also advised to stop smoking and reduce sugar in your diet.


Finding a dentist


Here in Derby, our team of experts carry out routine care as well as treatments like a root canal. We’d love to help you manage your teeth and create a happy, healthy smile – so get in touch to arrange a check-up or consultation today.