Revitalising Your Smile With Dental Implants After Tooth Loss and Why it’s Essential

After tooth loss, you might be left with a visible gap in your smile, which can make you self-conscious when smiling and laughing. Dental implants restore more than your smile; they can give you newfound freedom to grin like nobody’s watching and boost your confidence.

For this reason alone, many people choose to restore their smile after tooth loss, but there are other reasons to consider dental implants, which are just as important.

Teeth are a structural part of your mouth

A missing tooth can impact the structure of your entire mouth. Over time your other teeth can shift towards the gap left by tooth loss, which can also affect the shape of the jaw through bone loss. The bone which supports the teeth can lose width, height, and density if a tooth is missing, decreasing the definition and strength of the jaw. A dental implant is an ideal way to look after your mouth after the loss of a tooth.

Dental implants are the ultimate treatment for tooth loss

Implants use titanium screws, inserted directly into the jawbone. The jawbone then hardens around the implant, forming a bond similar to your natural teeth, making implants the most durable treatment option.

Dental implants are a long-term solution

As long as you look after your teeth through twice-daily brushing, frequent flossing and regular appointments at your dental clinic, implants have the potential to last for decades.

Dental implants don’t damage your surrounding teeth

Unlike a bridge, which damages the healthy teeth it is anchored to, a dental implant is connected directly to the jaw, and doesn’t impact your surroundings, healthy teeth.

Tooth implants look like your natural teeth

One of the key motivations for getting a dental implant is to restore your confidence, so the cosmetic appearance of the treatment is of the highest importance. Although other smile restoration solutions such as crowns and bridges can look natural, dental implants are as close to a real tooth as is currently possible, making them undetectable when you smile.

Dental implants give you confidence

A missing tooth can add years to your appearance, as well as undermine the shape of your mouth and jaw. Many patients feel self-conscious about smiling in public or in photographs, but after a dental implant, confidence can be restored.

Tooth implants are a good investment

Although the initial outlay is more expensive than other smile-restoration treatments, dental implants provide peerless long-term value. Other treatments, which might cost less at the outset, will most likely need replacing several times or may result in a progression of treatments due to continuing damage. Many patients with dental crowns progress to a dental bridge and then to partial dentures. A dental implant has the potential to outlast any other treatments.

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