How Do I Care For My Dentures?

Looking after your dentures is easy when you know how. And that’s what we’re here to help with in today’s blog. Thanks to our professional team of dentists in Derby, you’ll have a healthy-looking smile you’ll love to share – and get rid of any of those annoying niggles, too.


Step 1: Handle with care


You won’t get far with your dentures if you don’t know how to handle them properly. And that means handling them carefully – so you don’t damage any part of them when taking them in and out, cleaning them, or storing them. Try to handle them with dry hands and keep soft towels on surfaces if placing them down.


Step 2: Rinse and repeat


You’ll need to rinse your dentures whenever you remove them, as this helps to prevent plaque and bacteria from building up on their surface. Warm – not hot – water is ideal for doing this, and be sure you’re careful handling them, as they can get incredibly slippery. Be cautious, because hot water could actually warp your dentures and affect their fit and appearance.


Step 3: Soak overnight


You won’t need to wear your dentures while you sleep, but you’ll need to continue to keep them moist to help them keep their shape. Pop them into a denture solution overnight, following the instructions on the packaging. Don’t forget to rinse them thoroughly before you pop them back in, as the solution can contain harmful chemicals and lead to problems like burns in the mouth.


Step 4: Brush your mouth


It might sound strange, but running a toothbrush or gauze on the areas of your mouth can help to remove any leftover dental adhesive and prevent plaque and bacteria build-up. It can also help you form an oral care routine, including caring for your dentures.


Step 5: Schedule regular check-ups


It’s important to still see your dentist, even if you have no natural teeth remaining. That’s because they can give your dentures a professional clean, check the fit and ensure there’s no wear and tear to your dentures. Our experts in Derby can help you with every aspect of your dentures, giving you top-level care and advice while giving you peace of mind.


And finally…


Never use harsh chemicals, bleaches or abrasive materials on your dentures, which can stain or damage your dentures. If in doubt, ask our Derby dentists for advice.


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