Everything You Should Know Before Getting Dental Implants Abroad

Dental implants are a fantastic, restorative treatment – whether you’ve lost a single tooth, all teeth, or something in-between. With many dentists abroad offering seemingly competitive prices on the treatment, you might be considering booking a flight – or even a holiday. Before you do, here’s everything you should know about getting dental implants abroad.

1. You get what you pay for

If something seems too good to be true, it’s often the case – and nowhere does that apply more than with cosmetic and restorative procedures, like tooth implants. Cheaper treatment can be a warning sign that something’s not up to scratch – whether it’s the training of your dentist or the materials used in treatment.

2. Your insurance might not cover you

If you have healthcare and dental insurance, that’s great news – and a wise decision. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be covered on your policy if you choose to have dentistry, like tooth implants, performed abroad. Check the fine print before you book to avoid any nasty surprises.

3. Your dentist might not be qualified

Different countries often have different bodies and systems for regulating and certifying professionals, whether it’s healthcare or dentistry. It can be hard to compare these against our own system – like the General Dental Council, in the UK.

4. You’ll need return trips

Dental implants are placed in two appointments, months apart. We implant the metal root first; then once it’s healing, the porcelain crown completes the tooth. By going abroad for your dentistry, you could risk the dental practice being fully booked or, the complete opposite, being closed on your return.

5. You’re miles away from help

Treatment like dental implants is a type of surgery with some necessary recovery. If you find yourself with an infection, or the implant rejects, it may not be possible for you to return to the dental practice or to challenge claims of negligence. You might also have to wait to be seen here in the UK if you’re not registered at a dentist.

In conclusion…

Don’t let cheaper prices and the prospect of a holiday put you off seeking professional treatment carried out by a qualified dentist. If you want to put your care in the hands of an expert team regulated by a nationwide body, with leading qualifications and training, then book with Duffield Road Dental today.