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The smile that comes with whiter teeth can brighten your life

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Affordable and effective

The shade of our teeth varies naturally from person to person, and can further discolour as we grow older or because of lifestyle factors such as smoking or diet. Many of my patients tell me that they feel self-conscious and unhappy with their teeth, while studies show that a confident smile is a major factor in enhancing your quality of life.
It's little wonder that tooth whitening is so popular. It offers one of the most affordable and effective ways to makeover your smile. As well as being painless, it can deliver rapid results and give you a fantastic confidence boost as you show off your whiter, younger-looking teeth.

Home tooth whitening

Home tooth whitening is achieved by applying bleaching gel to your teeth using a device similar to a sporting gum-shield. Oxygen from the active ingredients within the bleaching agent permeates the enamel surface of the tooth and painlessly works to remove stains without damaging the surrounding structure. Home tooth whitening is a cost effective treatment option that can deliver excellent results within several weeks.

Maintaining your smile

The results achieved through tooth whitening should last for several years but this will vary from one person to the next depending on your lifestyle, the types of food you eat and the natural structure of your teeth. If you feel that you need a top-up treatment, we will be happy to help.