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Comfort and performance, your dentures in Derbyshire

When creating dentures, I understand how important it is to offer you the best possible fit, comfort and performance. I want you to be able to go about your daily life with the confidence that comes from knowing that your dentures look natural, are positioned accurately and fit perfectly. Although you will need to adjust to wearing dentures, they can be an excellent way of transforming your smile, especially if you have a lot of missing or damaged teeth.

For this reason, I use a leading denture system that offers a natural, attractive appearance, a high level of comfort and an exceptional fit.

The freedom of denture stabilisation

Many of my patients are choosing denture stabilisation with dental implants to give them a newfound confidence. By anchoring your dentures in a fixed position using dental implants, you will have the complete security of knowing that your teeth will not move or 'gap' when you laugh, smile or talk. You will even be able to enjoy tricky foods such as apples and steak. This increasingly popular treatment option is more affordable than a having a large number of implants and can provide denture wearers with the freedom to smile.