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General dental treatments for better oral health

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Our services

We offer a full range of general dental services here at Duffield Road Dental Care. These services include regular examinations, diagnosis advice and treatment planning, preventative care and periodontal treatment if required.

Routine examinations

I will typically encourage you to attend a routine examination twice a year, although you may need to make more frequent visits if you smoke, have a high sugar diet or have already had a lot of dental treatment historically. Visiting the practice regularly is one of the best preventative steps you can take to safeguard your oral health. By seeing you every six months or more, I can identify problems as soon as, if not before, they occur and arrange the best treatment. As well as checking the health of your teeth and gums, I also screen for the early signs of oral cancer.

Healthy gums

As a Periodontic specialist, I have seen firsthand how regular check-ups can be instrumental in keeping your gums healthy and preventing tooth decay. By following our advice and adopting good oral hygiene, you can help protect against a wide range of problems.

I will always treat you as an individual to make sure that you receive the right care at the right time. You can find out more about my Periodontic services on our Specialist Dentistry pages. We have provided more information about the importance of Dental Hygiene and regular hygiene appointments.

Nervous patients

I understand that you may feel nervous about visiting a dentist or receiving dental treatment, because of either an on-going fear or a previous negative experience at another practice. Duffield Road Dental Care was designed to offer you a welcoming, friendly and relaxing environment. I am happy to talk you through every aspect of your treatment so you know what to expect in advance. You are also welcome to listen to music during a procedure.

Every member of my experienced dental team has received training in how to help nervous patients relax. Please remember that you are not alone in how you feel. Dental anxiety or phobia is incredibly common, although I appreciate that this makes it no less distressing.

If you are worried about undergoing a long, complex procedure, rest assured that we are able to provide sedation. We arrange for a fully qualified sedationist to visit the practice who provides the sedation.